Saturday, 5 August 2017


Being a teacher has its pecks too - getting paid to rest for a month, getting paid as you do extra hustling things. 

This year, I have decided to rest awhile before starting my hustle too. But on a second note, I have a feeling some of us will be on hibernating mode all through this holiday period. 

If you belong to this category, permit me to suggest two things you must to do prepare yourself for the next academic session. 

1. Type your notes. If we have an average of 12 weeks in a term and you type a note per week, you may finish an academic year before school resumes. 

2. Learn an ICT skill you must implement next session. Since most schools are setting up projectors, you may consider brushing up your skill on the use of powerpoint. 

Teaching in the 21st century expects and demands a lot of things from us. Pick a skill and give it a shot. You must be in touch with the expectations of our time. 

Papa Mmeso.

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