Thursday, 1 June 2017


A friend once told me that when I write, I should be positive and paint better pictures with my words. I believed her but rules have exceptions and today, the exception will have its day.

I am shooting this straight from my heart and the way it is. Reality and mother nature has a way of reminding us of the basics when window dressings and excessive beautification of raw facts is on our menu. 

I am a teacher first and any other thing second. It is my job and prerogative to set up my students for good. I believe in their future more than any other thing. And I can sacrifice anything to make sure they don’t miss out on it.

They are wonderful students. Their future is awesome and one day, they will embrace it successfully.

To you my parents, I would leave you with these words as it regards dealing with them
Tell your child that there is more to the world they are yet to experience.

Tell them that history repeats itself all the time and one needs to be open to its reoccurring suggestions.

Tell them that no matter how hard an iron may be, that the blacksmith’s forge has what it takes to bend it in accordance to its will.

Tell them that they will once upon a time overgrow their youthful exuberance but its consequences both positive and negative will stay with them for a long time.

Tell them that each step they take in life matters and they shouldn't trifle with days of humble beginning.

Teach them the lessons life has taught you. Don’t be ashamed of regaling them with tales of your days of humble beginning.

Remind them that there is nothing new under the sun. The world has witnessed a lot of beautiful and intelligent souls and they wouldn't be the last.

Tell them that challenges is part and parcel of our life but it is in our DNA to walk over it successfully.

Tell them that tough times never last and they should always brace themselves for its wave that therein lies self-discovery.

Tell them that obedience is not archaic yet. That he/she who is unable to obey and carry out instruction would find it difficult giving it.

Tell them that sometimes, their worst enemy is not that presumed foe out there - their physics or mathematics teacher but their very selves.

Tell them that friendship is a gift but not all friends are worth having. It is only time that will tell the difference.

Tell them that at their tender age, it is important to trust (their parents, teachers) more and dutifully carry out instructions, with time, they will see the reasons behind their actions.

Tell them that we are creatures of habit rather than logic. And habits die hard. It can erode good intention and thoughts faster than water clearing the topmost part of the earth’s surface.

Papa Mmeso

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