Saturday, 13 August 2016


We all have this in common, not all but majority of us in one way or the other were recipients of the business end of the whip.

Bottom-line, this was employed as a means to correct and address our errant behaviors.

I currently teach in a school where the use of cane is forbidden. Initially it made me feel powerless like a soldier on the battle front without a gun or a samurai warrior without his sword.

I felt as if the world has already come to an end. But still managed to discharge my duties.

Imagine dealing with this ingenious youths of our time without been able to show some sort of force. It was the definition of frustration at a new level.

Prior to my discovery (which I will share with you later) like Saul on his way to Damascus, I had given up on teaching effectively and discharging my teaching duties too.

However, I had the opportunity of whipping the hell out of a child who made it a point of duty to exhibit laissez faire attitude in my class.

On the other hand, I decided to do the opposite of what I had in mind. It was just a spur of the moment thing.

I called her out and started inquiring into her wellbeing – how was she, her parents, whether she was feeling ok or sick.

She came out of the class having braced herself for the tongue lashing knowing fully well what she had done only for I to come an angle she least expected.

I could see the surprise on her face vividly like observing the dark clouds which heralds the rainfall on a very good day.

To my utmost surprise, I discovered that this little lass had bucket load of issues weighing her down. I will purposefully omit what she told me. But I realized how wrong I would have been if I had employed the whip immediately.

Showing genuine concern can unlock doors the cane can never dent.

I had previously made a case about the level of brain development between an adult and a child/teenager. The inability of a teenager to see things from our point of view.

I further realized that employing the cane as the most acceptable means of correction is equivalent to driving a 1970 Fiat in 2016.

It was something handed down to us from generation to generation with no expiry date (if you think so).

On the other hand, what has driven our world in terms of technological advancement today is our creativity. It is the art of solving our problems by discovering new solutions which are ingenious.

We need to be creative in correcting our children. They know the cane angle... “Highest you will flog me”.

Do what they expect the least. Talk to them. Try to have an idea where they are coming from. Let your concern drip from your mouth like water gushing from a tap.

The teenage hood is a moment of transition and confusion. It is a period of immense complexities and change in their body structure.

To be candid, they may not fully know the import of their actions.

It is only with time that they can fully appreciate what you have done for them. Guess why most students rarely forget their teachers.

Let your creativity shine forth in the domain of correction. Employ the least expected means at all times. It will get them thinking. They will appreciate you if not now, with time.

PAPA MMESO wishes you an awesome weekend ahead.

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