Saturday, 23 July 2016

My Birthday Gift To You

Nothing happens by chance. That the month of July happened to be 7th month wasn't a product of chance too. That I was born in this unique month wasn't just coincidence.

You wouldn't believe me if I say that the month of July was reserved for the greatest of the great.

I would give you a free advice. Make sure your children are born in that month if you are single or engaged; even if you are married. Thanks to science impossibility has been repelled across most spheres of human activities. So you can work towards it.

Between now and my birthday, I would regale you with simple concepts on how to keep your children's, nephews', nieces' brain busy in a productive manner.

This is my birthday gift to you. I care about your children and loved ones just like you.

Remember, you will pay me to take care of them in the school arena. Now I am going do this absolutely free. That means you don't have to pay. Just visit my page and you will be served with one of my well prepared dishes for your consumption only.

Let's keep counting down...

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