Friday, 2 February 2018


I am not the best teacher out there.

I wasn't the smartest student back in my days either.

I have had my series of ups and downs. I once repeated a class and today, I teach students.

But something still irks me. What goes on in the mind of the intelligent students?

Did they just meet themselves these way or once upon a time began working at it?

Were they conscious of these intelligence from the world go or did it come upon them once  upon a time as life went on?

Can the science behind this view be extracted refined and used to wetter the lot of the challenged students? 

What roles can teachers, parents play in this gig? 

I want to help average students like me back in the days become better.

I believe there is a principle, a science to the art of learning and I would like to find out what it is.

If I could make an average student excel, move from his/her position to better or higher form of academic excellence, then I would breath a sigh of relief.

Call me a bloodhound keen on a scent trail; you aren't far from the truth.

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