Monday, 14 August 2017


'Mr Juventus, will you be bringing projector to our class, will you teach us in SS1?' The girls asked. Couldn't give them a clear cut answer. Till they return from holidays, their answer will be in pause mode. 

Initially, I wasn't a keen user of PowerPoint or the projector till I stumbled on some startling secrets about its gain to both us and our students. Permit me to share a few. 

I was taught the importance of engaging the five sensory organs during learning facilitation. Projecting my notes checked that box. 

Slides helped me express my thought lucidly. They are a lot of tools I could call on from its menu bar to drive home a point properly.  

Using slides give my students' imagination enough ammunition when establishing links, correlation between topics and concepts. My lesson note is just too formal and rigid to do such. 

My class comes alive. We could walk down the memory lanes of history literally hand in hand with insiteful pictures, videos etc littering our path. 

They could interact directly with the learning content without my personal prejudice or bias. And nothing gladdens my heart the most when they draw their conclusions and take me on a robust argumentative session. 

I am gaining a lot. You should give creating slides and projecting a shot. It an awesome teaching aid. 

Papa Mmeso

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