Wednesday, 16 August 2017


The Da Vinci Code has sold about 80 million copies since it was published in 2003 - fact.  Let's assume a copy was sold for $3, figure out the rest. 
I just discovered something that will be of immense benefit to us - writing a book. Has anyone ever told us (teacher) that we are authors, writers?
Yes someone out there is waiting to read our lesson notes written from our individual perspective.
Someone is willing to pay to lay his or her hand on it.  
You think writing is a difficult process right?
Hope you know that whenever we write a note and submit to our supervisors which they thoroughly go through for errors and make little corrections as well, we are editing our work. 
Writers pay a lot to have their manuscript sifted while someone is doing same free for us. 
The next thing is publishing. Hear me well. We don't need hundreds of thousands of naira to do such. The knowledge of Microsoft Word, pdf and other free tricks we can pick along the way will suffice.  
What we need is a basket load of determination, a bit of collaborative skills, courage plus the right attitude. Of course nothing good comes easy but we can always give it our best shot. 
But are your notes in soft yet?

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