Thursday, 10 August 2017


I have always asked myself the following questions. What would it feel like to have my notes on a computer?

Why wouldn't I be able to edit and change block of paragraphs instead of recopying the whole note and by the end of my start in that school leave with nothing?

Why can't I insert pictures, videos to my notes and maybe make a book out of it one day? 

The idea of typing my lesson note has been on my mind for some time. Of course it wouldn't be easy. 

I teach SS1 and SS2 Christian Religious Studies. The scheme of work is huge. But I came up with a plan. 

A term is roughly 12 to 13 weeks. And it has a minimum of 9 to 11 topics per term. 

Step 1. I divided each term's scheme of work into three topics. 

Step 2. I carved out an average of 2 to 3 hours per day to type each block of three (topics).

Sometimes I exceeded my expectation and on other occasions, I failed to meet my target. But in less than six weeks, I finished the project. 

One can argue that typing is not easy which is true. Yet if you can just type a topic per day, how many will you do in 30 days? 

Tasks of this kind are better not tackled collectively but splitted into little chunks of measurable and achievable goals - divide and conquer. 

I tried and succeeded. What is debarring you from doing same? 

Today can be the beginning of your 30 days - a topic per day. 

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