Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Dear SS 3 Students, 
I remembered that day like it was yesterday. It was on the 24thof September, 2016. Chelsea football club were drubbed 3 – 0 by Arsenal football club. Come May 2017, they won the league losing only 5 times. Soccer pundits had it that the drubbing made their coach come up with an alternative. They had a plan B and when A failed. They simply reverted to plan B and blew every other team apart.

My dear students, you have walked on your plan A; West African Examination Council (WAEC) is done and dusted, and you are resting on your oars already. You aren't making an attempt to establish a plan B. WAEC is over and I can read the handwriting on the wall. It is in your movement; sluggishness is displacing the smart step which was your hallmark during the WAEC period. You spend more time now chatting than reading your books.

This wasn't you months ago. You read at the least opportunity even broke the school’s rule doing Till Day Break (TDB) on a number of occasion. Deep within, you believe that you have dusted your papers so any other exam can go to blazes. National Examination Council is around the corner but you have lost that zeal that burned deep within as you charged down WAEC’s remaining days.

I know how it feels. Sometimes it is a bit difficult replicating the same level of consistency again. You feel as if you have done something incredible and you deserve a break. But till you see your statement of result; your name embossed on its top corner, and your grades spelled out in black and white don’t slacken a bit. This is not the time to take your foot off the gas pedal.

Nothing beats a plan B. There is a reason for leaving a spare tire in the trunk of a car. No one prays for something bad to happen but who knows. NECO is your plan B; grab it for all it worth.

Read as if you haven’t written WAEC. Begin from scratch. Visit that teacher who was willing to give you an extra hand and disturb the hell out of him/her.

If you can make 9A’s in WAEC, replicate the same in NECO. There is no amount of A’s you record that is too small or too big. Moreover, it is your record and not mine.

This is not the time for you to rest on your oars or get to know your friends better. If WAEC couldn't kill you, NECO wouldn't scratch your skin I bet. So give it a run for its money.

Remember the future - a period that will come though we don’t know with certainty how its details will be ironed out. Our best bet is to be prepared for any eventuality. So grab as much as you can right now time and fortune is still on your side so that even if lady fortune deals us a favorable or bad hand, we will always find a way out.

Wish you all the best and see you at the top.

Yours sincerely,

Papa Mmeso

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