Friday, 31 March 2017


It would be a coup of the Millennium pulling this off. Two top Russian political officers defecting to the Western bloc. And he was the brain behind the deal. 

But it is always easier said than done. Sheremetyevo airport is filled with AK 47 totting KGB agents eager to test the effectiveness of their weapon on any unfortunate soul willing to do the abnormal. 

The American diplomat who initiated the move had boarded the plane. It was already taxing and his defectors who should have gotten on board were nowhere to be found. 

The control tower had cleared them to take off when a Soviet Government issued limousine careened in heading for the about to take off plane. 

The driver stood on the brake, grinding the car to a halt. The high ranking officer seating at the back surprisingly handcuffed both his driver and his personal bodyguard and stepped out with an old man who could barely walk properly. 

The security officials at the airport realized what was happening and mobilized to intercept them. 

On the plane, one of the stewards observed the two men heading in their direction. They have been on the lookout for them. He lowered the door as Mr. Ryan came up; he must have seen them from the plane's window. He got out, helped the younger man in first and then the old man. The plane was picking speed. 

He tried getting in but couldn't. Missed a step and fell down. He yelled at the steward to close the door. He did. The plane took off. 

The security men from the airport were on him in an instant. They couldn't do a thing about the airplane vanishing in the distance. 

He smiled. Diplomats have immunity. They can't be touched nor harmed. He would be safely returned to his embassy at the end of the day. The security officials knew it too. 

I closed the book and breathed a sigh of relief. 

Nothing bits a well-read story. 

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