Friday, 10 March 2017


I don’t think you will ever feel what I am going through right now.
Practically indescribable. It is a feeling rather felt than expressed.
They say you are never paid to like your students. No bones about it. However I know with certainty that for learning to take place, they must be an invisible bond that will unite both parties.
This morning, they had to keep the next teacher out of the class for me to teach on even though I still had to leave at the end. Weeks ago, they wanted me out immediately my time was up.
Knowledge was flowing, ideas exchanged hands like men trading by barter. Their childish pettiness was put to flight. I bet they would have forfeited their lunch to stay with me for a couple of minutes. Our interaction was made in heaven. 
God help me, I can’t derive this satisfaction elsewhere on planet earth. I was literally bouncing around the school compound on air bubbles.
Reel in the cane, it was never meant to solve problems. Charm your way into their hearts and even the stubborn ones will see your heart with their naked eyes. They will feel your heart beat and will appreciate the sincerity of your love the way they know best.
Show me a winner who has never lost. And a successful person who has never tasted the bitter pill of defeat. And a good teacher who has never been embarrassed by his/her students. Yes! Their words will hurt you sometimes like poisoned barbs and you will literally climb the wall with your bare hands but don’t worry. These are the reasons while they will love you more when the scale falls off their eyes.
Be true to them. They know but their childish prank may debar them from reciprocating in kind.
Lace your teaching with passion, raw zeal. Let them feel the love more than the anger. They will certainly come around at the end of the day. And when they do, you will… I swear by Amadioha’s left foot (My mentor would forbade me to swear while writing) NEVER EVER regret it.
Remind me to buy a bottle of Goldberg to the person who invented the quote, “A patient dog eats the fattest bone.”

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