Monday, 6 February 2017


I have seen talented peeps puff out like a quenched flame
And a simpleton suddenly achieve success.
I have seen rich men lose their touch
And a poor dudes account balance longer than River Nile
I have seen eagles fly lower than doves
And a fly jostling for flight space with a bald eagle
Men far greater than you have left their mark
You’ll do same if you knew what made them thick
What is it you’ve got mother earth has never seen?
And the moon never bore testimony to?
Papa Mmeso has a word for you
Your semblance to his beloved warms his heart quicker sauna room
Between you and success’ lofty abode is nothing but you
Your attitude will get you there in a year or a century
When you decide to change your status check your attitude’s gauge first
Cos no matter how much one floors the gas pedal so long as the brake is engaged, a piece of rock will run faster than thee.

Papa Mmeso

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