Thursday, 26 January 2017


How do I make them see it? What reading books does to the mind of its faithful disciple? 

It's like explaining to a child how the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. A perfect mumbo jumbo to the uninitiated.

I can't even tell them it broadens the mind. How would I show them the mind as it is broadened under the influence of a book? 
They say seeing is believing. And how would I make them see the weakness of sensory knowledge? Sometimes you have to believe even when the eyes have nothing to lay its gaze on. 

I'm like a doctor convincing a patient to take a drug that will hand him his life back on a dish. He looks at me sighs and turn his head the other way wracked with fever et al. 

But I know its gains firsthand. My heart and soul is dead sure of this. 

I have seen block heads climb the stage of academic success, certified dullards turn the table on those who labelled them thus just because they embraced a book for all it's worth. 
You have to trust, you have to believe me. Don't ask me for evidence, I have nothing to show you for now. Diligently follow the way of the book. Open your mind to its seducing gaze and bath in its pool. 

Allow its shadow overcome you and yield to its gestures. You will come looking for me at the eve of the day your voice ringing out loud with gratitude for taken the path less trodden. 

Papa Mmeso 

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