Friday, 13 January 2017


Nigeria is undergoing change and we are not finding it funny.

A dollar is #485 and a bag of foreign rice is hitting #25,000. The price of fuel has defied the law of gravity, at #145 its upward trend has no intention of dropping down.

Nigeria is not only changing, you are and I am. I just came back from Christmas holidays and my friends and neighbors are complaining that I added a bit – it is change too.

But there is this change I am not comfortable with. The one that happens to us which we are not aware off. It sneaks in like a thief, alters us and disappears like mist at the presence of the sun.

You will stare at yourself in the mirror and see the same face, eyelashes, lips and the rest but beneath all these, change is taking place.

Let me tell you the story of Papa Mmeso. One faithful morning on his way to mass, he discovered that the shirt he wore was just too tight for comfort. He convinced himself that it was his brother’s because they had the same piece of cloth.

Back in the house hours later, he searched through the wardrobe only to discover his brother’s. Mehn! It was all the confirmation he needed. His friends were right on the money all these while – he is adding up a little bit.

There is a change that takes place in you between the time you are single and when you get married. It is still the same you but a lot of water has passed under the bridge.

There is a big difference between you in secondary school and when you serving your father’s land. If you keep a journal, you may be able to spot the difference.

I tell my students that in the next five years their opinion about me will change. I may be their enemy today but a friend tomorrow.
If you are keen on spotting the difference, try the following.

Keeping a journal will be a good idea. Four years from now, the content will surprise you.
Surround yourself with good friends, they will spot the difference and smoothen the transition.

Nice day to you all…

Still your one and only Papa Mmeso.

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