Friday, 2 December 2016


Some stages in life are irreversible just like back pedaling from adulthood to childhood. So one can argue as such that our life is like a gear box with no reverse slot. And as we watch our kids grow, it excites as well challenges us. It is a classic forward ever backward never case. 

At the heart of this forward ever trend is our children, their life in the making and the future's wide open gate which they must step into soon. And we are bound by love to give them our best. Yes, we may rub off on them in ways they may not feel comfortable, but we can't back out - we have seen the map to the bigger picture's lair. 

So while you maintain the home front, we run the school's angle as well. Our relationship is thicker than blood. We are partners and at the heart of our business deal is our children. 

Since we are in this deal of raising them together, we must all sing from the same score sheet. We need to rapport more, exchange ideas and thinker with plans aimed at their betterment.

In my previous writeup, I left you with the impression that they are smart and are rearing to take on the world. But you also know they are wet behind their ears too - as inexperienced as a green horn can ever be.

I hinted about the bigger picture, suggested ways of motivating them to see that bigger view, the birds view, the reason for whatever we/they are doing now.
Do you know why you must be on my team? The answer is simple. Experience is never sold in the market. And it will be a question of time before they start earning theirs. So in one way or the other we must use ours to light up their part. I don't think we would want them to learn from their errors nor ours.

No one will ever cry wolf if we are in sync. Destiny has knotted our paths together. And its paved corridors are solely reserved for our children's feet.

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