Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I laughed while tears streamed down my face. I don't know when you last experienced this. But I just did, couple of hours ago. 

My mentor advised me never to be negative when I pen down my thoughts but I think tonight is an exception. Even though I have stilled my rage, I will let this out so that you know. 

You drive in in your big cars to pick your child/children. Those children we have spent years nurturing, teaching, counseling. You take them home without pursing to say thank you. 

You sat down for a meeting, it was meant to be a Parents Teachers Forum. But someone struck off the T and left the rest. 

You discussed, wracked your brains on ways to make your children better yet you forgot the most important part of the equation - the teacher. 

As usual we will quietly sit at the back observing and listening like an eavesdropping device that can't speak. 

You will drive home hours later and and we will thinker with your plans we never had a say in. 

Majority of you drive by and wouldn't care give us a lift. Only a few will tap their horn or touch their cap in respect to those men and women who spend their lives shaping your children's future - something your millions surprisingly can't fix. 

You have failed to realize how our fate and yours are inexplicably tied together through your children. 

In most cases, this utter disregard some of you exhibit rubs off on your children and they grow up disregarding the teaching profession. Majority of them who find the challenges of life too steep to climb jump in. While a few come in with the right mindset. 

But I am proud of my job. As proud as an inventor displaying his product for the world to see. Ironically your children are my products. 

I understand the importance of my duty, the burden of my obligation to you as a parents and to your children. I know how much you depend on me whether you acknowledge it or not.

Don't worry, I have sworn with the last drop of my blood to carry it out till my heart stops it rhythm. I am bound by honor and love never to even dream of getting even.  

I wasn't compelled to be a teacher. I knew the score and how high the odds were stacked against me. But I realized how much the world need us. How much you need us. 

Do have a rethink. When you spend millions equipping your schools. Always remember those men and women who spend their lives molding your children.

Our personalities rub off on them too. The way we speak, think etc will stick with them for life. You wouldn't be able to remove it. 

Remember us when you deliberate. Call us up to share our views on ways to make your children better. They eat from our laps and brain all the time. 

We know where things go wrong. We deal with the students directly not even the principal can get to them as close as we do. 

We know those who require extra help as well as the high flyers. And when you cut us out, we standby and watch your well-meaning effort miss it's mark. 

A hand few of you understand the game. From day one they get on board individually. They encourage their children to befriend us. They seek our opinion. 

They have reaped their rewards in baskets. And smile to heaven each time they remember us. They know who has the trump card. 

Always remember that so long as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, we (teachers and parents) are like children bound by an invisible umbilical cord to our mother's womb. 

Till God knows when our relationship can never be severed. The earlier you appreciate our existence, the better for us all. 

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