Thursday, 1 September 2016


There is a time each term when everybody has equal opportunity of coming first irrespective of how intelligent they are. 

There is a period when the slate is fresh and the books blank like a new born baby’s brain. That period is now; the beginning of the term and the first position is up for grabs.

But, as minutes role into hours, hours into days, days into weeks and weeks become months, there is a conscious and an unconscious reshuffle of positions in the class. This is as a result of our level of consistency, participation and disposition to class activities. 

So the higher the level of consistency and participation, the more chances of you coming out on top and vice versa. 

The reason behind this is not farfetched. All hands are not equal so also our capacity to learn/understand. 

What Emeka can learn in 1 hour, Chisom can do same in 3 hours. The bottom line is that the subject is learnt. However the time applied varies from person to person. Chisom will always do well so long as she kicks off on time. 

It is said that little drop of water makes an ocean. If you can count each drop as it begins to form a puddle, you will know with certainty how many drops make an ocean later on. 

This analogy can be likened to our notebooks as the term kicks off. If we are persistently go through each day’s note/classwork contents during prep time, chances of us retaining much at the assessment time is high.

We can reproduce them whenever and however form the question/assessment takes.

You will discover to your utter amazement that as you consistently read your books, the time spent wouldn’t increase much even as the note leaves thicken like the back of a tick cover exercise book. 

You will note with considerable delight your ability to recall each content blow by blow will increase over time.

Don’t be scared if after the first day you try to call back what you have learnt and your brain lets you down. Keep at it, it is just getting used to the process. Your consistency will get it working better than the engine of a brand new car. 

Do you know why? We are creatures of habit. What we do persistently over a period of time becomes part and parcel of us. This is why pianists who have perfected their art can play the keyboard blindfolded. They don’t need to know where the keys are.

Don’t say it is impossible. Impossibility’s worst enemy is time. That same time that is given to you right now (at the beginning of the term) is the key the opportunity to become consistent persistently. 

Convince yourself of its possibility and think of ways to implement this. You will see how resourceful you can be. Remember, ‘It is in you’.

At a glance:

Never let each day pass without reading up everything you have done for the day.

Try to recall what you have read, during moments of solitude – at the end of each day precisely or maybe on your bed before you sleep.

You may forget some; it is normal. Reread it immediately the opportunity avails itself.

Don’t forget, consistency is your watchword

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