Monday, 29 August 2016


In case you haven’t checked your calendar, the summer vacation is gradually coming to an end. 

Parents are already on hyperactive mode trying to equip their children for the beginning of the new academic session.

Shops are already stocking up for the anticipated parents/students invasion for books and other classroom equipment. 

Tailors are sharpening their scissors and procuring needles for sowing hostel wears, school uniforms and the likes before parents come calling with materials. 

Even cobblers are not left out of the deal too.

Soon the roads will become busy again. Keke drivers will smile because profit will fly through the roof. 

In the same vein I kick off this platform with no other intention than to remind us (students and parents) of other things we should do to make the term a successful one. 

In all this my dear students, let us not forget that we are at the receiving end of all these activities. As such we have to deliver – leave up to the expectation levelled on our shoulders. 

So we need to get our priorities right.

I was once like you dear students and someday you will be like me.

So let me tell how my packing up days use to look like then.

At the inception of each term, my dad will assemble all of us in the parlor for a heart to heart discussion. Of course my mum was always in attendance.

I was the first to leave home for school so this meeting was usually conducted before my departure.

The nuts and bolts of this meeting was simply to remind us of where we came from, the importance of living up to the values upheld by our family.

Secondly the financial strength of the house was disclosed to us. I never learnt the meaning of prudence from the dictionary rather from the harsh realities of life. So what we got served with, was enough to keep our goals in sight and stay away from distractions.

Thirdly, our academic priorities must come first. My dad never told us he came first in his days but we saw his text and notebooks he used in the university.

We knew his hostel and the name of the library. I once came across his meal ticket while I was arranging our room in the village.

We needed no evidence to believe his words.

And after such meetings, we retire for the night with our minds sorting and filing the messages for future review.

So my students, I don’t know whether your parents will be able to spare the time for heart to heart talk with you. I will therefore stand in for them at this moment. But if they can, you can always refresh your mind with this series.

To my dear parents who will perchance come across this work, I think your child would need such meetings from time to time. And do share this with others who may not be able to come across this timely piece.

I am a teacher and the interest of your child is always on the top of my chart.

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