Sunday, 7 August 2016


Prior to my birthday, many of my friends who went through my birthday write up left me with a question I can't just turn down anymore... “Who is Mmesoma?

Truth be told, this hasn’t been the first time. And I guess it may never be the last this question will be thrown at me.

Today, I will retell the story of Mmesoma, how we met, how I fell in love with her, how she has inspired me to treasure my childhood memory and that of any child I will ever come across.

Mmeso is not a figment of my imagination. She is alive and kicking. The first daughter in a family of four.

I know little or nothing about her family except that the parents are practicing Catholics. We used to share sits in the church and from there, our love affair was kindled.

However she has grown beyond just a friend in my mind. She represents a life I have never examined, my history as a little boy who grew up like every other kid out there.

She represents all the children I have met and those I am yet to meet. I will always tell their story through her lens.

I know how much you love your children. Let’s share that love together
Papa Mmeso

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andrew ifeatu jennifer said...

Beautiful! I admire your love for children even in this 21st century especially for a young man. Everyday, there are Mmesoma's around us and even right inside us. Children are gifts. Great write-up!