Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I have known her for quite a time. Haven’t actually spoken to her, maybe I am one of those guys whose mouth use to go on French leave whenever a beautiful lady hovers around the horizon.

She used to sit a couple of chairs away from me with her sisters and dad as well. I haven’t mustered the courage to switch chairs, get closer or even try sharing bulletin or hymn book with her.

What really caught my attention was that she sleeps often. Once the mass is on, she jets off only to surface towards the end. It pisses me off…I can’t just lay my hands on what tunes her off or is she just bored to death? Maybe if I have the opportunity seating next to her one of this days, we will work out the sleep angle, I promised myself.

Fortune seemed to be smiling my way today. I stepped up to my chair this morning and there she was sitting on my position with her little sisters and a space for one just by her side. I gladly booted in before someone else beats me to it…the mass rolled off.

I couldn’t just wait to chat her up. Of course, we shared the bulletin; I guess it was a starting point. Our voice rose to heaven as we chanted from the hymn book. I showed her the letter board with the hymn numbers hung close to the front door and she dutifully selected hymns when the time comes up. We were really hitting it off pretty well.

Her dad was seating a couple of pews ahead of us. Really playing someone up here; love the danger thing…guess you know what I mean. As the mass wore on, he drifted off to sleep along with the little siblings as well.

My beloved friend couldn’t because a stranger caught her attention and she can’t just embarrass herself sleeping at his side.

I couldn’t wait for an opportune moment to talk to her. With my heart slamming louder than a blacksmith’s hammer I asked her,
“What’s your name? Mine is Ik”.
Her voice was like the sound of a gentle stream flowing through a beautiful park,
“My name is Mmeso”.
“Where do you come from?” I asked further; testing the ground.
“Anambra state”, was the reply. Thank God for coincidence at least we have something in common…

During communion, she bent her head on the railing, just the exact posture her dad took while sleeping a couple of moments ago. I can’t believe it; she had the temerity to doze off by my side. I gently tapped her on the shoulder,
“Are you sleeping?” quite a dumb question you know.
Her charming eyes engaged mine “no I wasn’t”.

Her eyes corroborated her reply; as clear as crystal, as white as snow. Can’t blame myself…love at first sight is on the cards.
I kicked myself as I left the church, “how did I forget to ask for her number”?

Of course she wouldn’t have a phone; just 7 and counting, age wise I mean. Little bored girls whose young budding minds weren’t engaged enough to participate actively in the mass.

Could imagine them in the next ten years doubting the very existence of their faith; I wouldn’t pray for bad things but they never seek our permission when they come visiting.

I would be a dad one day, but to be frank I am scared of what my children will be if I fail to be a good one.

You don’t have to be scared of been one either except you have a bird’s view of what I am hitting at.

Who says children are too young to learn? Or you haven’t realized why laying solid foundations for mega structures consume tons of materials than any other part of the structure.

Maybe you haven’t been asking questions in this line…I wouldn’t blame you. Just figure this-the brain development takes place at childhood somewhere between the ages of 1-4.

Of course it is a lifelong process but there is a time in one’s life when the brain is better disposed to learn. Mess with that period and you are messing with a fortune devoid of a price tag.

Well to cut the story short, I promised my dear friend a copy of the Word Among Us (children version). Didn’t tell her this, I will be adding a copy of order of the mass for children to allow her participate more actively next time.

By now you should figure it out, I love kids just like you. “Foundations once destroyed, what can a just man do?

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