Monday, 15 August 2016


They'll never see things your way.

Even if you put them on hunger strike. You'll be simply tagged wicked.

Where you see a bump on the road, they drive at 120 kilometer per hour.

Where you apply caution, they throw it to the wind.

Where you think twice, they wouldn't second guess their intuition.

Even when you consider the future consequences, they simply think about today.

When you weep at their folly, they may sympathize with your judgment and still remain hell bent on their decision.

When your advice becomes constant like the seven day rain, they may give you a long berth favoring those whose words spur them on like a car without brake.

It's what distinguishes you from them sometimes.

Yet, the youth's mind is an awesome phenomenon.

They have deleted the word retreat from their dictionary and favor advance till the last man standing.

It's the entrepreneur's strong point.

Their impulsive ways are the stuff of Legends.

The fuel that propels an inventor’s brain.
It could make one a king or lock him up six feet below the ground.

That never say die when the hand is set on the plough.

And, you should never leave them unguided like a ship without a rudder.

Because even at this moment, they need you the most.

And when the scale falls off their eyes like Saul, they'll come back certainly like the prodigal son.

But you can catch them young like a lion’s cub in hunter's sheepfold.

You can lead them by the hand like lovers in a park.

You can point them to the stars and guide them till they can touch it.

If only you can catch them young.


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