Sunday, 21 August 2016


Impossibility has lost its magic effect. 




It's not possible. But who knows? We live in a world where the impossible has lost its credibility like a prostitute. 

One day someone somewhere with the right apparatus will mix the DNA of a lion and a sheep together. Only God knows what the product will be? 

Yes! The sheep may one day give birth to a cub. Cos if grafting is possible in agriculture (example taping a tangerine stem to the stock of a grape tree), it is just a question of time before animals will catch a curious scientist's attention. 

So is it possible for good parents to have morally bankrupt children and vice versa?

No one prays for such but if what I witnessed three days ago is anything to go by, then it is possible for a sheep to give birth a cub. 

"I know my child. He can't do that" most parents would bet their last penny on their children's innocence. But I have realized that knowledge without factual evidence to back it up is equal to disaster. 

Who are your children's friend? How much do you know about them? 

Have you perchance invited their friends to the house and have a casual chat with them - get to know their likes and dislikes? 

Many children are lured into bad gangs each day. Couple of days ago, I witnessed four boys not up to 17 harassing a girl almost their age. 

I went after them and they scattered into the wind with their heels almost touching the back of their heads. It was mind numbing. Where did they learn this ugly habit from? 

What pissed me off the most was that they just left my class couple of minutes ago. Innocent looking boys studiously taking notes and asking questions... 

This is how it starts if not checkmated in time. Your child may be a saint at home but a wolf, a prowling lion on the streets just like any two-faced coin. 

Get to know their friends and if what you observe doesn't sit well with you, cry wolf on time. 
These habits die hard... 

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