Saturday, 30 July 2016


I beg God to forgive me. I should have been participating actively in the mass.

My muse had other ideas. It kept whispering into my ears... "you are not done with the whip vs words comparison".

I thought to myself," but how? Got not Bic, pencil, rough sheet... "."You have your phone". Her voice badged into my thought. 

God will understand I thought as I brought out my phone and she sat down with a smile (in my head of course). The whispering continued. 

The whip is never a creative force. Rather an extension of your emotional self, your non thinking part. 

It can be compared to a dam gate when it bursts open, no amount of entreaty, sermon would keep the flood back. 

Employing the whip can be best described as using chloroquine to treat malaria. 

I bet you haven't tried the creative power of words. Great men employ words more than any other tool. 

Words can sip into the heart like water soaking up a piece of cloth. 

Words can motivate men to kill lions with their bare hands. 

Records have it that before battles in the days of yore, generals exhort their soldiers with words before charging into the ranks of their enemies. 

Have you given it a trial? Maybe you aren't creative in that department you think. 

But you can always learn. You learnt to drive your car in less than two weeks. So you can do this too. 

Your words will guide your child like a compass even when the he/she has forgotten the direction. 

It will bring them back home like an unmanned drone to its base far away in Nevada desert. 

Your children will grow to appreciate you and the strength of your wisdom. You never caved in into their youthful brouhaha. 

They will in time know what you passed through in their hands and the love will grow ten folds. 

Just like diamonds, words are forever. The taste of word's pudding lies in its trying/eating. 

Start now. If you need further instance, book an appointment with the Bible... 

And the muse disappeared. 

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