Saturday, 23 July 2016


Before we go into any form of solutions, I would like to introduce you to something I came across by accident. It may be the ultimate solution you may have been looking for.

However it left me pretty excited like a man who was about to take delivery of his brand new Mercedes Jeep. Mind you, I don’t feel like this all the time.

You must have heard of the word, consciousness and unconsciousness. Words and opposite would come to your mind quicker than the prick of a pin on your thumb. What of conscious and unconscious learning?

Learning takes place in both forms – conscious and unconscious mode. Consciousness involves their consent while in the unconscious mode, they acquire knowledge without their own consent.

Let me let you into a secret known to only but a few. Do you know that they are things your child should, if not must learn at an unconscious stage.

In a lay man’s term, it would be good they learn this without been aware of the fact that learning has taking place.

Now whether you like it or not children learn unconsciously. They learn from you all the time; the way you talk, laugh, curse, swear, the way you carry yourself in the house, virtually most of the things we do.

To be candid with you, fooling them is very difficult even at that unconscious level.

The reason is simple. At the unconscious state, they don’t filter what is learnt rather take in everything at it comes to them. And through the process of repetition, what is learnt is affirmed over time.

Let me wipe away some of the cobwebs of doubt already spinning in your mind. Do you know that a 4 year old child can learn a language let’s say French, Spanish etc faster than adult?

While we adult battle with the nuances of the language and vocabularies, the child soaks up the language just by inserting him/her into a class where it is spoken.

Yeah I can see you nodding your head in the affirmative. The answer nonetheless is simple. The brain at such a tender stage acquires knowledge, new information faster than a sponge can soak up water – the icing on the cake.

Your child didn’t go to any formal school before he/she started speaking. By listening to you and his/her elderly siblings, watch their mouth as they pronounce words, proficiency is achieved.

On the other hand, conscious learning – when learning takes place with our consent and our disposition, can be pretty difficult.

They are a lot of things children can learn at an unconscious phase but I will be dealing with just one of them. I have mentioned language, but my emphasis is on the art of reading books.

We will discuss the book gig tomorrow. Thanks for passing by.

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