Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Apologies to you my dear readers for failing to live up to expectation. I should have dropped this a long time ago but for the nature of my work, I have been unable to live up to expectation. Savor this while I prepare the main meal...

I really don’t know how this happened. We were cruising down Western Avenue…guess heading towards CMS. We were of course buckled safely as good motorist would normally do as the car air condition system played a perfect chord on our skin in a way akin to modern luxury cars. 

Was it a G Wagon or Range Rover Evoque? Crazy me – how could you be driving a car you don’t even know its name? The bottom-line was that its asking price would raid the account of an average guy out there who is not investment savvy.

Hands on the wheel, eyes dead set on the road ahead though stealing occasional glance at the little lady riding shot gun. She was of course engrossed in a story book I picked minutes ago at Ojuelegba.
“What was that snippet I saw the other day?” Children are made readers in the laps of their parents. 
“Yeah I am doing it…a chip of the old block”
I smiled. I remembered that day vividly as if it were yesterday. I rushed into the reception of Saint Nicholas hospital, dashed up the staircase, three at a time. I nearly ran into the doctor like a well shot arrow. He grabbed me by the arm whisked me gently into his office.
“The baby is doing great” he said.
“However there is little complication on the path of your wife. I assure you it’s no big deal and she will be up and about in no distant time”
Our eyes met just as I negotiated Bonny Camp roundabout. She gave me a broad side; that charming smile that always make a mess of my heart. Just like her mother I thought. A perfect cast of my sweetheart. God must be the consummate sculptor. Maybe when I go to heaven, I am gonna enroll and learn off the hands of the master himself.
They say some genes are hereditary and I do believe it. I knew how much I stormed heaven with heart wrenching entreaties for two favors. I just need to cheat my wife on this.
“If only she could be left handed and develop this incurable love for books…God”
Well that man over there had other plans. He made it a tie – I got the insatiable desire to read but lost on the left hand deal.
Children…I just can’t stop thinking of them. Pray they don’t drive me insane one day…Amadioha forbid. The glint of her earing caught my eyes. Yeah one of her sixth birthday presents. We ordered it via Konga. We had to convince the dispatch rider to dress like an angel and present the gift to her. Don’t ask me how much but I guess he left my home with a huge smile on his face…a couple of minutes off the grid work and a good chunk of money changing hands…a win win you see!
Before I met my wife, I had a detailed plan of what my child’s life would be like. Still working on it with a bit of success and failure both mixed in varying proportion. I know you will say that tomorrow is unpredictable. I will give you two points for that after all I lost the left hand deal. But if I can invest for the future, if I can chose a career for myself years before it came to be, why can’t I give this one a short at least?
Been a teacher has its rewards especially if you are a teacher at heart. A bit of networking with colleagues has taught me the importance of prejudice and predisposition. I have nothing to lose if I fail. So why don’t I model her life after an ideal.
“Dad, mummy is calling you”
She was thrusting the phone at me.
“Pick it and put the phone down dear” was my reply.
My sweetheart’s voice filled the car as I negotiated Lekki first roundabout.
“Hope you people haven’t got missing yet” she said.
“You better put on AIT I think, we have been kidnapped o.”
“Ok that’s good. Maybe I don’t have to prepare the Abacha anymore” she chirped in.
“You dare not…will be home in thirty minutes time…you better…”
“Juventus are you going to mainland today? It’s five thirty o…” I was jolted back to reality.
I grabbed my phone – 5:32am.
“I hear you”
He just spoilt this awesome dream. Unfortunately I can’t call it back.
“What’s that?”
I slept on my jotter again. The bic was nowhere to be found.
I shot a sleepy glance at the paper and my eyes cleared up pretty quick. Written on the paper was the title Mmesoma Illumination…

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