Friday, 25 March 2016


My name is Juvie and I'm a guy. I've been in love with food-good one at that for as long as I can remember. But I have a problem, I can't prepare anything as simple as eba. The last time I tried a canoe could float on it.
Well something had to be done about this. It was a weakness I had to deal with as soon as possible. But how? The question rang out in my brain like an echo.
I scrounged YouTube for cooking tutorials and harvested a basket load.After browsing through my collections, I decided to go for Ogbono soup. It was very simple to cook according to the manual.
I went to the market armed with a list I gleaned from the YouTube videos. The traders in the market mostly women were helpful in procuring the ingredients.
I got home and locked myself in the kitchen. The die is cast. With my fish well seasoned according to the prescription dolled out by the video I went after the ogbono.
Tragedy struck. I already dissolved the ogbono in hot oil and it was time to add water to the paste-like mixture. Surprisingly the whole thing became watery. I just added a little. I watched the whole mixture with dread.  I just blew #1500.
The kitchen door took the brunt of my frustration. I sat on a chair and thinking. This isn't fair. I lost a bucket load of confidence at the spot and cursed the day I goaded myself into that cooking soup exercise.
Amara would have done this for me. I should've called her. This my stupid pride will kill me one day.
Dejectedly I entered the kitchen with the sole intention of washing the whole thing down the sink. The stuff looked foamy. I hesitated, dipped the spoon into the mixture and stirred it. Wow! I made it.  I got! I was heaving with excitement as I stirred the soup. The ogbono was living up to its name.
Couple of minutes later, I was licking my lips with absolute delight. It's done. Who says where there's a will there's no way?

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