Tuesday, 9 February 2016


What can absolutely go wrong on a Sunday morning? How can I explain the fact that I am not ready to head to the church? Forgot my shoes on the Island, left my trousers there too, had only a three quarter knickers and a polo to go by.

Church here I come dressed like a guy heading to the beach with his sweetheart even though mine still needs some wooing to get on my boat.
I hopped into the Peugeot 406 of my trusty friend who has been as steady as the compass bearing North when it comes to going to church every morning especially at Saint Dominic’s Yaba.
I knew I was out of place again. But there’s little I could do about it. Just made it to my chair and hugged it tightly. Now I just have to sit and ride out the mass.
What! I wasn’t prepared for what I was seeing couple of minutes later. That’s Mmeso. Wow! The combination of a dropped jaw and poppy eyes wouldn’t explain how/what I felt. Here she comes tying gele. Chai, couldn’t believe my eyes. With that oval face I am in love with, those bewitching white eyeballs…You care to know what she looked like…a red gele on her small head, perfectly tied by God knows who. A grey or ash bouba or whatever it is called.

This is my Mmeso. This is nature at its apex. This is beauty the way it is meant to be before layers of makeup turns beauty to rot.
For once I forgot I was dressed for a beach party and sang out my heart. I got an eye on her too trying to catch her face. At a point we had to shake hands and she whispered God knows what to her little sister and both laughed their heads out sneaking little glances at me.
I scanned myself from head to toe. Maybe I wore the wrong colour or… But such a little lass would know little about colour combination.


It fleeted through mind to walk up to the mum and whisper some words into her ear. You would like to know abi? It will go this way, ‘mam your little daughter is a celebrity already’. Her eyes would pop, I am betting my last kobo on it. She would be thinking that I had drunk some fermented stuff. I wouldn’t allow her land and knock in the second punch, ‘Mmeso is a household name on Zuckerberg's page. She will soon stand on the vanguard of my forth coming project’.
Hope they wouldn’t ask me for a percentage. Well I walked out of the church never doing that. Still feeling the sting of her soft palm on my hand. If Amadioha grants my wish of having a girl child first…you know what her name will be.
Papa Mmeso thinking…

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