Tuesday, 1 September 2015

#Educamp2015: I came, I saw, I was juiced up…

#Educamp2015: I came, I saw, I was juiced up…
I was told never to judge a book by its cover. By Amadioha’s sacred staff I swear, it has been a difficult promise to keep. Even with the lofty philosophical aphorism which states that appearance is not reality, my mind is yet to grab the import of the statement.
I stepped into Meadow Hall on Wednesday morning with litanies of expectation to be met. Of course I was awed by the architectural edifice ‘already judging a book by the corver’. I am a teacher and the 21st century’s challenges hurled me into this citadel of learning. I needed answers, Meadow Hall must deliver.
Hours later, over a plate of beans and potato, I reflected on the marriage of the British and Nigerian curriculum, the usage of ICT tools in learning facilitation…how could I ever forget Passion and Vision? The scale fell off my eyes like the biblical Paul on his way to Damascus. I knew it! The burden of obligation will forever hang over my head like an albatross – been responsible for one’s destiny is no mean fit. If the British and Nigerian curriculums’ marriage must last, then I’ve to crank up my gears. If my kids are going to leave the classroom changed for good – the onus is at my doorstep.
This wasn’t my first seminar port of call this month – the collaboration learning and differentiation classroom lectures were still clanging in my brain. I stepped in the next day. The imposing structure/edifice had little effect on me. Now I know what it means never to judge a book by its cover even if its appearance is breathtaking…sure! The taste of the pudding lies in the eating.
The following day met me a better listener. Think it’s time to trigger the sponge mode. After all listening is an art which as a matter of urgency must be cultivated.
I was in for a huge shock when the children with special need class came up. Well, child right made much sense to me at this juncture. What if there’s more to that child you trashed for not doing his/her homework/assignment? What if there’s more to that perpetual late comer? What if that child with a glued lip (in the class) is bursting with a thousand pages of untold stories in his/her brain? I was humbled. But I wouldn’t forget the fact that I bagged a solid three points for my Orange house on the artificial turf.
I bounced in the third day on a sporty canvas, plain white shirt and a yellow chinos trousers. Always good dressing the part…I have a confession to make thought. Pray it wouldn’t be used against me. I swapped classes – from quality assessment to grooming. Common cut me some slacks, Juvie has got to look good.
While others were packing up their bags at the end of the day, I was scrolling through my phone for my bank statement – I need to tush up my wardrobe…the grooming class had a huge impression on me, I dare to say.
From Yemi Amusan’s Passion and Vision to Poju Oyemade’s Teaching the Second Most Important Occupation after Parenting…forgot to mention the fact that both were pastors and teachers, I was bursting at the seams…

As Mr. Emmanuel drove me down to TBS (learnt never to address them as drivers), it fleeted across my mind, Juvie, you’ll never be the same. Even the devil knows it.

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