Sunday, 4 February 2018


She knows, even her parents too that she is a jack of all trade. 

Her teachers told her that. That she isn't intelligent. The reason why she is good is that she is in the midst of average students. 

I don't know whether she believes them but she is accepting the view that she may be the living embodiment of the word Jack of all Trade.

She just dropped a book on my desk - John Mason's Know Your Limits - Then Ignore Them. In her words, I should read Nugget 6. It is titled "One Thought Driven Home Is Better Than Three Left In Base." 

I am perturbed that she is buying into this already. And I am not happy that some of us are responsible for this seed of doubt sown in her malleable heart. 

How could we be so heartless, so carried away, or thoughtless? How could we identify a problem and fail to proffer solutions? 

I don't think it is late yet to pull her out of this backward thought. I will read the book but I wouldn't buy into her theory. 

I see a smart working student in her. I see a lady who will take the center stage in any field if endeavor she finds herself. I see a student who could combine, head different groups in school and still have time for her books. 

Teachers, our word is golden. It has the power to create and destroy. We must be careful when we correct our students. 

We should castigate and also encourage; smack with our left hand and give hope with the right hand. 

Never tell a parent or a student what the problem is without reeling out solutions as well. And if you are not ready to be part of the solution, be still and forever remain silent. 

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