Saturday, 30 December 2017


I am scared on their behalf. Drinking paracetamol for another person's headache is the best way to describe me sometimes. 

I sing, shout it, "there's no amount of revision that is enough till the paper is done and dusted". 

They don't seem to get it. They told me I worry a lot  - I should give them some space. 

I am guilty as charged. I worry for Africa. And I am not going to repent yet. WAEC doesn't give second chance till a year rolls by. 

Once your paper is submitted, your fate goes with it. 

I know most parents worry more than their children - they worry on their behalf too, like me. They (children) don't see the has writing on the wall. They don't feel the pinch the way we do. 

Next year is just a day away. WAEC is (for all I care) breathing down their neck. I am already worried - they aren't working hard enough, they are not feeling exam vibes/tension yet, they aren't ready to my satisfaction... 

I don't care what they will say because I am already anticipating it. I will if possible, by God's grace drag them to Success threshold and dump them at its gate. 

They can take me to court after. 

Papa Mmeso 

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