Sunday, 10 December 2017


I hate flashback especially in our local movies. It always explains everything and my brain is left with little or nothing to do. And I am bored to death. 

However, as a teacher, I can't do without it. It is my window into the past. A key to a successful cum fruitful relationship with my students.

I will never forget the days I sat in a class listening to a teacher. I failed, passed, went through different phases of development. I wasn't overtly troublesome nor the smartest. 

I met teachers who inspired me and a handful who didn't leave up to what was expected of them. 

Today I stare my students in the face never forgetting when I was like them. When I struggled to pass mathematics and other 'difficult' subjects. 

I don't know what your experience looked like but I have learnt not to judge too harshly.

Never to have my rules cast in stone.

To be firm and malleable. To chastise and extend a helping hand as well. 

I was once like them, someday they will be like me. But they can never be in my shoes and theirs at the same time. 

Papa Mmeso 

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