Monday, 13 March 2017


Welcome to the second segment of our read along workshop.
I assume by now you have made a note or two about that moment you turned a setback into a home run.
Can you vividly remember how you felt? The unbridled joy, the ecstasy that flowed through your vein like a gushing stream?
Of course we rarely forget those days. They are forever etched in the inner recesses of our mind.
Today, I will leave you with a brief insight into failure and its inseparable partner, fear.
It is very important to note that we are not only the victims of these invisible phenomenon. Our children feel it too.
We must be able to talk them out of it.

We learn from failure and not from success.
If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original
Ken Robinson.

I have never been to a court but I have read enough to know how impossible it is to maintain a one sided story. It is impossible to have a coin with just one face. Janus the Roman god never had one nor Ceberus, Hades' attack dog.

It is my duty to show you the other side of things - the other side of fear and failure especially when our children's interest is at stake.

Chinenye went home for 2 weeks. She was sick, very sick. She came back a couple of days to the continuous assessment test. It affected her score in English language and she wept bitterly. 

It took me two days to get to the heart of the matter - she hasn't failed English before and her dad would whip her for the lost marks. 

Are you aware that you're more of a stumbling block than a stepping stone to your child's self-discovery process dad? You are making it difficult for them to learn. And you are wasting your precious money too. She spends her time brooding over lost marks rather than her class work.  

You should teach them to expect failure in life from time to time especially when they don’t plan for it.

Teach them to stare it in the face and ride on into the sunset.

Teach them that failure is a way of getting to know themselves better.

Teach them that failure is a pointer that they are on to something good. 

You made some mistakes back in your days so why don't you allow them make some? Don't show them a coin with a face, they will see the other face sooner than later. 

Papa Mmeso. 

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