Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I am going to disappoint you when I say this.

Do you know there is a little difference between me as a teacher and you a parents? You may not have seen a classroom, write on the board, nor stare down the inquisitive face of these children but we are in the same boat.

I am a teacher. It is my job to get your child academically, morally singing the right pieces in the right manner. Hope you know such obligation is rests squarely on your shoulders too.

I will summarize this write up in a sentence. If you intend to marry tomorrow, or raise a child, or have anything to do with one in one way or the other and you are not a teacher at heart, you are simply running a good race off the track.

You may buy what I am saying or discard it right now but I will advise you to take a look at this article again.

From the moment that baby is born, and as innocent as they may look, they have already registered in your classroom and are learning from you faster than they will ever do in their life time. Weather you have a note of lesson or not the lesson has started and it cannot stop.

Their senses are at its sharpest period. They observe everything about you in detail even the smartest surveillance camera will not stand them in a one on one competition. Ironically they cannot give feedback. You cannot question them to ascertain what they know and make corrections.

We already know this because by the time you drop them off with us, we see a miniature version of you. What we are going to do over a period of 12 years may or may not stand up to what you did or should have done in a couple of years. Literally you had the first short.

However, our class period is not as tricky and difficult as yours. They can talk to us. We receive feedback as and when due. Even when they do not want to give us one, we can come up with smart ways to get at their hearts. But you never had such an opportunity.

We all will spill blood to save their day but we just need to remind ourselves that we are in this together. I am a teacher so you are. Your acceptance of this will make life easy for both of us. And for records sake your works is a tad more difficult than mine.

You are a teacher not because you are qualified to teach like me but because you have a student without school uniform. This may be the reason why you may not believe me yet. Their learning process has started already even before they could hold a pen or pencil.

Naturally you have been a teacher from day one because you have been made to be one (via marriage and procreation) unlike I who bagged mine after years of study.

So learn how to dress smart like us each day because your child is copying you to the hilt.

Speak with confidence and in a respectful manner because they are looking up to you.

Add a positive swag to how you carry out your duties in the house because they are picking up your habits faster than pickpockets cleaning out one’s pocket in a crowded market.

Learn how to prepare for the unpredictable questions life may throw your way like they do to us in the classroom, they will take a cue from you as well. 

All this happen before they step into our school fore walls. So before the praising and blaming game starts, has learning taking place in the comfort of your home? Simply put, have you taught?

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