Saturday, 28 January 2017


Yesterday and today were my school's open day. So I was in the thick of the activities that will ensure the day moves like a well oiled machine.

But I observed something that got me gnashing my teeth. I could count the fathers on my finger tips while the mothers - they were like metric tons of sand by the sea side.

And if you see the way hugs were flying in the air like confetti, you'll literally go green with envy.

Oga mi who the hell are you making that money for? You really need to be in the thick of the hugfest. Lose some money and a get a bit close to your darling girl.

I know some fathers know what I'm gunning at. But for the handful who this Saturday yab is meant for, don't take it personal. Just get down to the business of hugging more.

One day, you'll lack the zest to go after money and their calls, presence will be your only cause of joy. Then you'll thank me for posting this today.

Please out hug you're wife... (is there any word like out hug?)

Your sincerely
Papa Mmeso

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