Thursday, 15 December 2016


Guess what! I ran into Lucy today. Hope you remembered the little lady who was weeping after she scored 5/10 in test yours sincerely supervised.

If you haven’t read the story, quickly rush over to and read it up right now.

Well I saw Lucy yesterday. The exam is over and you can feel the tension seeping away like water running into a drainage system. Life has returned to normalcy again.

She was descending the staircase while I was heading in the opposite direction. It was a couple of weeks ago that we stood on the same staircase and I tried making her see the big picture and stem the flood of tears running down her eyes.

She greeted me and I quickly asked her.

“So how was the PHE result?”

She smiled, “I got 58/60.”

“Wow” I exclaimed.

I remembered telling her that 55 or 50 over sixty will be a great one. But scoring 58/60 took me by surprise. And she was glad too. She bit her expectation. I hope she does not forget such an experience in a hurry.

“So is there any need for crying?” I asked her.

She laughed a bit… guess too shy to answer.

I politely dismissed her and she whispered “Thank sir”

Nothing bits the bigger picture. Start selling it to your child today. Convincingly tell them where they will be in the next 5 years. How successful and enterprising they would have become by then. It is a sure way to navigate the challenges that stands between them and those lofty goals.

Gotta run. Lucy maybe performing tonight. Have to go watch her. 

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