Tuesday, 18 October 2016



Has your child ever complained to you or mentioned to your hearing that he /she is having issues with a particular subject? 

I know that in most cases we try as much as possible to offer advice but the result doesn't seem to improve. 

Sometimes your children will totally resign their fate to such a subject and make case in support of their inability to make good grades therein. 

It doesn't happen only in Mathematics, Agricultural Science, English Language, Economics, the rest can be weak spot too. 

Sometimes you recruit lesson teachers and if your child is leaving in a school you keep calling hostel mothers and class teachers hoping against hope they perform magic. 

I want to offer you a way out. You see, many of us never had lesson teachers but our records are pretty awesome. 

Necessity caused us to look deep within and we made discoveries. 

Do you know that half of what your child learns in the class each day evaporates before they are done with lunch that same day?  

Many of them stare at the teacher with rapt attention but when you ask them what took place in class, their answers are sketchy. 

It is good to listen. But listening without taking notes sometimes may result in forgetfulness. 

Taking notes ensures proper understanding of what is heard. Sometimes while writing, they will discover important questions that would help them further understand the subject. 

Such questions leads to further clarification from the teacher. This broadens their knowledge of the topic.

Encourage your child to take notes as well as listen. This in most cases leads to proper understanding of the subject. 

In the next write-up, I will take a proper look at the concept of note taking notes while lesson is going on. 

Do share this with your friends and colleagues. And I will welcome your questions and opinions on this piece. 

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