Monday, 22 August 2016


A friend told me that the best way of making a problem disappear is not to dwell on it more often. Think less of it and one day the solution will miraculously appear.

To the contrary, I am a hands on guy. I don’t back down from a problem till I see the end in sight. I will think, ponder, act, reflect and what have you till God or Mother Nature does something spectacular or the solution comes to mind.

I am just the opposite of my friend’s suggestion. I believe though that there is a ring of truth to his statement. But I wouldn’t for the sake of my own sanity buy his idea.

Something happened yesterday which actually made me reconsider my stance. It has been close to 6 months since I saw Mmeso.

To be candid with you, I haven’t been myself. Every moment I step into Saint Dominic’s church for the 6am Sunday mass and I see her parents sitting an arm’s length from me and she isn’t there by their side, I feel bad in a way.

However this Sunday – just yesterday, we were almost late for mass. Saint Dominic Catholic Church is roughly 15 minute’s drive from my house and we left home at exactly 5:48 am.

I drove like a maniac. There is no excuse for attending Sunday mass late. My mum has drilled this into our head and I have a feeling that it has become part and parcel of my DNA.
Unfortunately we came a bit late.

My usual sitting position was still vacant so I dove in before someone bits me to it.

Lo and behold there was Mmeso within a spitting distance from me. I rubbed my eyes again. My imagination may be up to some nasty trick which I wouldn’t find funny if it turns out to be a mirage.

But she was there. Right in front of me, in flesh and blood. In fact all of them were in attendance today.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tapped my cousin…
“This is the Mmeso I am talking about”
He looked at the girl maybe with disbelief but I don’t care a hoot.

I repeated the same process with my brother and he just smiled.

The mass was over for me. From my sitting position, my eyes examined her – from the local hair style, the oval face to beautiful skirt and blouse.

Her little sisters were there too plus Isaac who was already growing taller than a guinea corn stalk.

Before the mass came to an end, she looked back. I have been waiting for that opportunity for a century. She saw me and smiled. I shot mine back at her too.

As we left the church, I navigated through the crowd like a warship on a rendezvous with its tender.

“So you decided to bring Mmeso to church this Sunday” I queried her mother with a huge smile on my face.

“They use to go for children’s mass but the person who accompanies them to church travelled so…”

I knew that as a fact already. Children mass has stolen my little angel from me.
“Don’t you know him, greet him Mmeso” she told her daughter.

Of course she knew me well. The smile on her face gave her away. She did.

I drew a bee line to where we packed while my mind was furiously scratching away on its pad the next Mmeso story.

I spoke to my heart as I drove away, maybe one day when the dust settles down I will surprise her with a scholarship to a top notch university.

Wishful thinking right? But the mind is made up…
Awesome cool Monday to you all.

And take good care of your children for me.

They are the Mmeso I am yet to meet.

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